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I’m back, clearly dressed out my comfort zone (both color & comfort wise. Had to lie down to get my butt in these jeans 😛) in threads so kindly lent to me by @fotografjenniann so I could kind of look like someone who’s desperately trying to belong in the later part of the 70’s BECAUSE WHY? Because it’s time for the 2nd part in the 70’s themed posts & this time I have chosen my favorite records from each year of the 70’s. Also, glad to see some of you joined in on this! If you decide to do this too, please tag me in some way so I can see your lists. Anyway this was not as hard as choosing favorites from the 70’s as a whole, but still a bit of a hassle. Like 1970, where not only “All Things Must Pass” was released but also “After The Gold Rush” & “Bitches Brew”, or 1971 when we had “Blue”, “Hunky Dory” & “What’s Going On” to name a few. • I want to clarify something again & that I always point out when making these lists, so you understand the difference I make between “Best Of” lists & lists based on favorites. These are my personal favorites, this is not a “Best Of The 70’s” list, that one would look very different. Way less folksy singer-songwriter stuff, but that’s my go-to genre so that’s why they’re there & maybe not as much or any punk, soul, jazz, disco & prog etc. There are so many albums that I know are more important, better when it comes to production/songwriting/being innovative, important for music as a whole & politically significant than some (most) of these but this list is solely based on my listening habits. 🧡 • So can you pick a record from each year of the 70’s? And if you don’t have the time for that then maybe you can pick a favorite music year during the 70’s? (mine is probably 71 with “Hunky Dory”, “What’s Going On?”, “IV” & “Blue” 😋) • 70: George Harrison – All Things Must Pass 71: Joni Mitchell – Blue 72: Nick Drake – Pink Moon 73: Pink Floyd – DSOTM 74: Genesis – The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway 75: Bob Dylan – Blood On The Tracks 76: Ramones – Ramones 77: Fleetwood Mac – Rumours 78: Kraftwerk – The Man-Machine 79: Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures (& runner-up Judee Sill in the background, well worth checking out)

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Starting a simple post with a simple: Thank you 🖤. Falling into a creative sinkhole sucks. They always appear out of nowhere & are viciously easy to fall into & that’s pretty much where I’ve been hiding for the past month. Fortunately enough I can always ask you fine people from the internet for advice, which I did & boy did you deliver, & you did it well. So, again, thank you. • The most common advice was “try to go back to simple” so that’s what I’ve been doing, with this post & with work/life in general. This color themed playlist consisting of only album covers in shades of white has been in my notebook filled with planned posts for over 6 months but never executed because A. There’s a ton of great albums that happens to have a white cover & it’s really hard to choose, & B. I thought you might be bored with my colored playlists… • But doing nothing is even more boring so here’s my AT THIS EXACT MOMENT favorite 17 albums with a white album cover (artists tagged in pic), & I thought it was appropriate to shine an extra light on last years 50th anniversary baby, The Beatles self-titled, or more commonly called “The White Album”, which I happen to own on white vinyl (not a bootleg, pressed in ’78). But I have to say, out of all of these it’s not my favorite. The top 3 in no particular order has to be Talk Talk, Four Tet & Pet Shop Boys. 😋 • SOOOO I’m ready to have some discussions, I’m lying on my couch eating Maltesers (not sponsored but the amount I eat, they should def. hit me up) my replying thumb is READY & today I want to know something I think most of you can answer: What’s your favorite album with a white cover? 📝

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